Monday, November 1, 2021

3D Printer & CNC Routing

I can print things, laser things why not cut?

So I posted about the fact that I added a Laser Diode Module to my tool-kit for my 3D Printer, Ender 3 if you're not aware. Before I bought the Laser Module I tested with the idea of engraving or cutting with a Dremel type tool.

I starting designing tool holders based on my No-Name-Dremel-Knock-Off tool. It has an attachment to allow for detailed engraving, cutting and such.

I designed this quickly and cheaply. I printed it at 160mm/s 0.32 Layer Height and with a 0.8mm nozzle. It didn't fit right. The idea was to have it sit to the rear of the gantry/nozzle. This design kinda worked, but didn't have enough force/friction to stay on when touching material.

I then created something from a design on ThingiVerse. Using a roller cover/clip I kept the router bit in the rear of the gantry. This was a mistake as this hits the rails before the X stop sensor. Oops.

Using the same design, I mirrored it so the router would be in the front. This worked better, no longer struck the rails when homing. The biggest issue with using a router or even the laser is that he Z Axis cannot home properly. So you need to either do it manually or watch what you're doing. A Router bit hitting a glass bed isn't a good time!

Testing Time

With the mount setup and the Not-Dremel read to go. It was time for a test. Using the Creality Program, I know now how bad it is, I set out to engrave DickButt!

The results were, eh not great. Finding the Z plunge depth is fun. Since it's a 3D printer and not a CNC machine I had to make sure the Z was going down very very small or else the mount would fall off! This was about as far as I got with this. If you want to do something similar here are some tips.

  • Design a mount to fit onto its own gantry
  • Get real router bits, I used whatever came in the kit
  • Use better software, lots out there.
  • Get a laser instead!

Here is an example of me engraving with the laser instead.

Cleaner, easier and less mess!

Thanks :)


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