Monday, October 25, 2021

Out of Stock

 Well I'm out of stock. Not just any stock, all of it.

For those that don't know I design, make and sell a couple of things for the Commodore 64. I sell these using Tindie. Volume is crazy low. I make design them via KiCAD and then ship them off to a PCB House in China, usually PCBWay. I then assemble the boards in my basement, and flash if required. This can take months due to the shipping times from China. I want to get away from using a PCB House and get back to making them by hand using either a CNC or my Laser Cutter. Someday.

The delays in shipping from China have gotten worse. So bad in fact that with my low volume I cannot even get them within 6 months. This makes it really hard to keep some in stock, especially when I don't know when to order!

So, my store is empty right now. If I order 20 boards I won't get them till about Feb '22. If you're looking for a C64 WiFi Modem or Breakout Boards. 2022 is your year!


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