Thursday, October 28, 2021

Google Cloud and Static Sites

 I moved my site from a GCP Instance to a Bucket 💪

This wasn't because I wanted to, it was because Google changed the 'Free' Tier of the GCP VM's, sorry Instances. I ended up getting charged $12 for my website that sees about 3 visitors a month.

Running the Instance was, fun? I had a Gopher space page on there and of course my main page. I will probably spin up another Gopher page, but right now I wanted to get a blog up and running. So I copied my www folder off the old Debian 9 install, shut down the instance and removed it and it's storage. Rest easy 'ol stretchy.

Following Google's own guide to hosting a static site, via HTTP. I do plan on setting it up with HTTPS again using another free tier instance, this time with the correct settings for 2021. Following their guide was easy and I was able to share the bucket and host the static page successfully. 

The site itself is about a year out of date, I do plan on updating it to mention the delays I'm having and the failure to open the BBS by 2020. Also the public files download stopped working, I'm sure its just a matter of adjusting the link to the bucket itself instead of the old WWW server folder.

Overall it was easy to do. I don't have to maintain the OS, Server, etc. I just make the files/folders public and we're off! Once I get the effort to update the HTML I'll probably put it behind a load-balancer to offer the HTTPS certificate out.

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